Maya intends to cover each and every construction site. However, initially, we are concentrating at larger sites with  a minimum of 20 children under the age of 12.  School timings, 4 hours per day, are fixed after considering the working hours, the distance between the construction site and residential shed etc.   Details of the kids such as name, age, address etc, are notified in the register. The school is operated by an experienced teacher and a helper, identified from the nearby areas. The teachers serving with Sarva Siksha Abhiyan are selected to utilize their expertise in most effective way. Training to teachers has been provided.  Currently Maya adopts the curriculum of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan with little modifications, in it considering construction workers kids are as the target group. 

Kids are provided with a School Kit comprising of text-books, note books and other reading & writing material, water bags and games. The school is equipped with pictorial charts, small library and appropriate books have kept for kids apart from toys for extracurricular activities. Kids are provided with food as per weekly menu, which has been prepared in consultation with nutritional experts.   and the teachers are trained to prepare nutritious recipes. Kids are provided with monthly Hygiene Kits along with mosquito and also impart training to use the same. Regular health check-up camps conducted and health cards for each kid are maintained.   Each school has the weighing scale to monitor the growth. of the kids.   In addition to  education, the kids are exposed to study tours and imparted the exposure and study tour along with grooming and personality development. As a part of these exposure tours, kids  have been taken to zoo, film and other institutions. Special events like drawing competitions, sports day, cultural events are been organised in collaboration with mainstream schools and institutes.

Maya provides Crèche services and cradles at the sites for the kids under the age of three years so as to free facilitate the elder children to attend the school.