“Maya” is a humble collective effort by one and all who are involved in construction industry and other related works to provide education to kids of construction workers at site. Hence developers are the co-founders of “Maya Foundation”. This is not only an effort or a concept, but also a firm and concrete step and action.

Maya seeks support and cooperation from all the developers for this noble cause and a holy work by initiating the “Maya” school” at their ongoing construction work sites.

Acknowledgement to the developers:

We are thankful to the following developers for their immense support and cooperation extended to us for  operating Maya school at their sites:

  1. Mr Shaan Jhaveri , 612 Manekbaug
  2. Mr Sanjay Sutaria, Abhishree Orchard ,Kolat
  3. Mr Jigen Shah, Abhishree Residency
  4. Mr Uday Vohra , Apple woods
  5. Mr Sandeep Gala ,Gala ,Bopal
  6. Mr Alpesh Shah, Gulmahor Greens
  7. Mr Nehal Shah, Navjeevan Flats
  8. Mr Sanjay Patel, Olive grace
  9. Mr Uday Vohra , Sumel buisness park
  10. Mr Sanjay Patel, Vatika,Nandoli
  11. Mr Sharvil Shah, Suramya Abode
  12. Mr Dipak Soni, Vibrant Silver
  13. Mr Jatin Gupta, Iskcon Platinum
  14. Mr Sanjay Patel, Jalmanjar,Shedfa
  15. Mr. Shaan Jhaveri , Gokuldham
  16. Mr. Kamlesh Savalia, Garden residency, South Bopal
  17. Mr. Ashish Shah, Balaji Green Valley
  18. Mr. Sandeep Gala, Gala Haven
  19. Mr. Uday Vohra , Sumel Business Park 5
  20. Mr. Nehal Shah, Navjivan Park , Bavla
  21. Mr. Kirit Shah , Hanjkunj , Nalsarovar
  22. Mr. Sanjil Chandani, Pacifica Meadows
  23. Mr. Saneep Gala, Gala Aqua Villa & Gala Lotus Villa, Gokuldham.
  24. Mr. Sanjil Chandani, Pacifica, Medrid County- Baroda
  25. Mr. Vikram Tomani, CERA Sanitaryware Limited, Kadi
  26. Mr, Jigen Shah, Akash Banglows, Dholka
  27. Mr. Dhiren Patel, Shukan Rise, Chandlodia.
  28. Mr. Falgun C. Patel, Sandesh-Applewoods.
  29. Mr. Dipak G. Patel and Mr. Shekhar G. Patel,  Malabar County.
  30. Mr. Kaushik N. Raghavani (Contractor), Green Courtyard.
  31. Mr. Uday Vohra, Mondeal Square
  32. Mr. Birju Shah and Mr. Anil Thakkar, Samor Residency.
  33. Mr. Dipak Soni, Vibrant Home
  34. Mr.Jigen Shah, Brooklyn tower

Total 693 kids are been covered and benefited with Maya schools in the age group of 0 to 12 years.

The process of initiating the school at your site:

Maya intends to cover each and every construction site. The site  where construction work is carried out continues for about nine months to two years and where there are at least  15  children under the age of twelve.

Please contact for further information to initiate the school at your